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FOOK  – I have to make some new work MADE.

Collaborative MINK review of P45 by Jennifer Redmond

Thank you Jennifer & Mieke Vanmechelen




The exhibition NO PITY! has reopened from 7th May by appointment.  


 Vlasta Delimar, Laura Fitzgerald, Parastou Forouhar, Vlatka Horvath,


Eva Kotátková, Evelyn Loschy, Veronika Merklein, Carol Rama, 


Denise Schellmann & Nancy Spero


For more information please see:


Above: Rock Insomnia, Artist crayon on Paper, 80 x 100cm, 2019




Cosmic Granny is a site specific poem (and current project)  on the Moan Laur

Mountain, Glen road Inch, Co. Kerry.

The duration of the project is now September 2020. 

Thank you Valerie O’Sullivan for your photo above.

Many thanks to Aidan Dunne for his review: