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RHA FUTURES, Series 3, Episode 2

Bassam Al-Sabah, Laura Fitzgerald, Cecilia Danell, Jennifer Mehigan, Joanne Reid and Marcel Vidal 15th November  – 19th December 2018 curated by Patrick T.Murphy, RHA Director and senior curator Ruth Carroll

We are sad to inform you of the death of Laura Fitzgerald’s work. The funeral ran from the 15th of November until the 19th of December 2019. Laura Fitzgerald’s work looked well at the funeral and people commented that her work had never looked better. People speculated that Laura Fitzgerald’s work may have had a terrible illness, that when discovered, had clearly gone too far and nothing could be done to save her work.

Others speculated that perhaps the work felt that it no longer had a point and that indeed the art world was a grim and pointless place. But this is only speculation.

People at the funeral laughed and joked along with the work and praised the work for being such a decent, honest and lovely bit of work. However, Laura Fitzgerald clearly remembers that before the funeral, people said her work was a bit of a dick and difficult to get along with sometimes.

Lastly, Laura Fitzgerald’s work would have appreciated Aidan Dunne’s nice obituary in the Irish Times. He wrote some lovely things.

The work is survived by her statement, some jpegs and a couple of hard drives.