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Portrait of a Stone, 2018
VHS converted to Digital
two channel video colour with sound
Duration 11.25mins

‘Portrait of a Stone’ is an experimental, narrative piece that follows two characters: one who is made of stone; and another who is made of flesh. Both largely silent, stone and man narrate the piece via a series of texts; some questionnaire-like, others in a corporate or instructional style of language and others again, which follow a more meditative tone. The  two-channel video piece documents the static movements of the stone (and his stone friends) on the left-hand screen; whilst the right-hand screen follows the movements of the man, moving erratically through the landscape.

Exhibited at ‘Lucian’s Neighbours’, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2018 with artists
Bridget O’Gorman, Richard John Jones and writer Sue Rainsford.