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Ploughing up my Practice

Mini DV transferred to Digital
Colour projection with sound
Duration: 05.21mins

An artist walking in the countryside attempts an improvised rap in order to explain the changes undergoing her practice. Deploying a ritualistic approach, the artist engages with standing stones and other rural phenomena, in order to invoke desirable outcomes from both galleries (non-profit) and funding bodies. This notion of repetition, a kind of erasure of the past, whilst evoking the present, brings to mind a little known fact about Derrida. He was an avid plougher. To quote the artist:

“I myself (like Derrida) love nothing better than to get behind the wheel of a large tractor and plough up a field. I was aware of the fact that my art practice had become simultaneously overgrown, depleted, lacking in nitrogen, lime and with a high scutch grass content. There was nothing for it, but start up the Landini and engage with ploughing up the former content. The resulting process is the dried out areas of the practice will be combined with the richer under layer of nutrients, humus etc. Both combined, will hopefully make for a richer, more fertile practice.”

Screened at the International Studio and Curatorial Program NY in September 2015.