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HD Video on a Moto g
Projection/and or digital monitor
44.59mins Long Version / Short Version 16.10mins


Review by Jennifer Redmond:

Whilst wandering through the local landscape, the artist’s inner voice is projected aloud, speculating on where all the artist have gone to and why their former residences, studios and workspaces, are left lying in a state of disrepair. As a successful shop owner in childhood years, the artist returns to this area in order to play out the fantasies of adulthood counter to the narratives of her eight year old capitalist self. Within these walks, a certain eeriness pervades empty domestic spaces, an uncertainty hangs within rooms which may or may not be inhabited by others. Animals left behind by their owners call out as the artist passes by. Flight paths interrupt the sky at various points within the piece, documenting these former inhabitants, as they exit for better circumstances. As the speed of communication hastens to an almost frenzied form, the artist is still left wondering why much of the rural psychogeography around her, feels like a scene from Wittgenstein’s Mistress.


This videos antagonistic approach to examining the future of artists and art practices, is a call to re-examine the notion of contemporary art and how it exists outside it’s commonly known gallery territory.