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The Freud Project Residency Programme


Lucian’s Neighbours, 06 April – 27 May 2018

The Project Spaces, IMMA.

Works made in response to The Freud Project Residency with Laura Fitzgerald, Richard John Jones,

Bridget O’Gorman & Sue Rainsford.

Image courtesy of IMMA, Photo: Ros Kavanagh.

This exhibition presented a new series of works and research developed in response to the IMMA Collection: Freud Project, 2016 – 2021, a five-year project developed around the loan of 52 works by artist Lucian Freud. In 2017 Laura Fitzgerald, Richard John Jones and Bridget O’ Gorman & Sue Rainsford were selected from the IMMA Residency Open Call to live and work onsite responding to Freud at IMMA. Like any other symbiotic relationship the resulting artworks produced by this creative community are complex, encompassing multiple viewpoints and modes of expression, living with, influenced by and occasionally opposed to their famous neighbour. By presenting the contemporary voices of these responding residents Lucian’s Neighbours probes the relevance of Freud to current social and cultural discussions, and in so doing captures what can be revealed through the practice of one artist observing another.

Text by Janice Hough

(Unofficially, Laura Fitzgerald’s work made during this residency originated from making tenuous connections, between a drawing by Lucian Freud and her own detailed way of drawing. Her attempts to date the barman in the Old Royal Oak, (beside the museum), resulted in the invention of Brian Rock, whom she had stalk the man in question, on tinder.)


Artworks in Exhibition:

Bridget O’Gorman & Sue Rainsford
A Knowing Body, 2018
Materials:  Mixed media with vinyl wall text, powder coated steel, cast polyurethane, wax, bronze leaf.
Dimensions Variable

Richard John Jones
Transparency Series: 1, 2018
Aluminium profile, cast polyester resin, camouflage netting, found images, printed cotton.
160(h) x 220(w) x 22(d) cm

Richard John Jones
Press Press Pressure Group, 2018
Aluminium profile, mixed media, printed/dyed silk/cotton/canvas, tarpaulin, denim, netting
320 x 195 cm

Laura Fitzgerald
Portrait of a Stone, 2018
VHS converted to Digital
Colour with Sound
Duration 11.25mins

Laura Fitzgerald
Construction and Maintenance (Personal Boundaries), 2017
Pen on Stonehenge Paper
98 x 126cm