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Duration: 16.01mins

VHS converted to digital/Colour video with sound

Said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland, not too far from the island of Jura, Hy-Brasil is a phantom island entrenched in Irish Folklore, permanently cloaked in mist, except for one day every seven years, when it became visible but still unreachable. Its roots are similar to other lost and mythical islands of the Atlantic, such as Atlantis, Saint Brendan’s Island to the Isle of Mayda. Hy-Brasil sees the artist broadcasting a strange news reportage from the mysterious isle, about an artist who has disappeared from a fictional artist residency. The film’s documentary aesthetic, feels like it has washed ashore and that in watching it you have stumbled upon the only community, inhabited and sophisticated enough to televise its own goings-on.

With thanks to artist Elaine Reynolds for help with the video title.

Text by Peta Rake from “A place of no Known Certainty” ISCP, 2015

Shown at the International Studio and Curatorial Program NY, WW Gallery London and the Royal College of Art London.