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Fál Linntreog presents ‘Portrait of a Stone’.

Sunday May 20th 2018 

Gate Lodge 6, Malahide Demesne, Co. Dublin


Portrait of a stone was a one night event at Gate Lodge 6, on the grounds of Malahide Castle in Dublin. The exhibition was a testing ground, for work in progress being developed while on residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The show consisted of drawings, printed text pieces and a projection which functioned as an artists talk.

In the park next to the castle stands a small gatekeeper’s lodge. Between the sash window and the shutter there is a view of a disembowelled landscape. What has been removed—at the same time—is continually returning.
Above the table in the kitchen hangs a cross between a still-life and a landscape, a sort of portrait of a stone. The strokes are gestural, expressive, loose, weepy. The hallway’s jammed up with words. Strange black empty circles hover around the lintel. Ancient times passed are marked with the precision of an engineer’s pencil. Then there is a yellow house with a rock in front of it. It looks like it’s fallen out of the clear blue sky.

Text by Joshua and Sanja Sextod