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A Walk to Clear the Head

Mini DV transferred to Digital
Colour projection with sound
Duration: 08.07mins

Walking within a field of prickly yellow furze or gorse, the artist is overcome by a nihilistic turn (brought on by a combination of reading too much art theory and visiting too many art galleries). She tries both simultaneously to escape from and enter into this physical and psychological state, attempting to make sense of this experience through an unscripted, improvised performance.

In this area, it is well known that people suffer from, “the nerves”. Therefore the piece is laden with an undertone of anxiety embedded, within the video footage itself. The artist would not like to be mistaken for having; “the nerves”, and as the occupation  of a conceptual artist is a yet unknown identity within the area, this piece was made with a high level of concern for being spotted.

A walk to clear the head has been shown at Zona Mista, WW Gallery London and at: Please Stand By, A night of Artists’ Film curated by Emily Austin and Rebecca Glover, Chishenhale Studios London.