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 A History of Head Trauma

This is a very useful book

First Edition 50 (Sold out)

Second Edition of 100 available, signed by the artist (me). Contact said me or you can also buy it from the Library Project:

Total inside pages: 96 (Pink: 8, White: 36, Blue: 62, 17 colour images) 

Design Laura Fitzgerald & Christopher Steenson

Printed by Ciarán Smith Plus Printing

A History of Head Trauma is an experiment  in short story making and presented as part of RHA FUTURES, Series 3, Episode 2. The beginning section of the book was made using my Grandfather’s electric typewriter, during a winter spent in his apartment in New York. With a jolt of 220 volt to it’s mechanical heart; the typewriter on arriving to Ireland, immediately failed to work any further. The following blue section of the book began to be written in Granny’s old henhouse in Inch Co. Kerry. This followed with printing short exercises on blue paper, on a thirty euro printer bought under duress at Harvey Norman’s in Tralee. The printer travelled to the Irish Museum of Modern Art in  September 2017 for the Lucian Freud residency and continued printing on both blue and ‘GAA lotto pink’ paper.

The pieces continued to be made during the long winter which followed at the Firestation Artists’ Studios in Dublin and subsequently form an experimental narrative, about time spent in several different places.

Dimensions: h 29.7cm x w 21.0cm (A4).