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Oh YES! Funny you ask actually –  I do sell things.

Artist Publications

Please contact me: 


Copies of A History of Head Trauma are €35 including postage. Second edition of 100 signed by the artist


More useful than the bible” Anonymous artist from Dublin 


“♥♥♥♥♥”  Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s (former employee said)



Copies of The Inch Conglomerate are €10 including postage. Signed and editions of 1000.


“I don’t really understand it”  Unnamed friend of Dad’s


” Priceless, Outstanding, brilliant, Superb, Out of Sight, 2 much, far out Gr8. Jonathan Swift, Animal Farm. The Goons. Hall’s Pictorial Weekly. Monty Python’s Flying Circus/ Hitcher’s Guide 2 d Galaxy. Granny takes a trip…Modern times – C. Chaplin”

Anonymous (dedicated follower of fashion)