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Chicken Dinner
HD Video
Digital Monitor
Duration: 05.21mins

Grandad is a big fan of Vichyssoise, which is essentially cold soup. After Granddad’s first wife died in 1965 he dated the illustrator Sidonie Coryn, who made a series of delicate pen drawings for the cook book entitled “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” by Julia Childs.

This cook book designed to make American’s feel more at home in France, gives a rather strict didactic series of instructions on how to made food, food which makes one feel normalised, in their alien surroundings. Coryn’s drawing methodology deploys a graphic sensibility, which in turn is echoed in the following books she illustrated; Rural Free and Speak to the Earth, by Rachael Pedan. The content in these books are embedded with the utopian notion of an ideal life. This ongoing project giving rise to a series of videos and writing. Essentially an expanded book of “recipes” for artists feeling uncomfortable within the art world.